A row of multi-colored chalk.


• Class sizes will be kept small to maximize social distancing.  • There will be no large assemblies or gatherings.


• Students encouraged to walk or be dropped off. • Reduced passenger capacity on bus. One student per seat unless students are family or attend the same daycare. • Assigned seating. • Bus will be cleaned after each route.  • Everyone use hand sanitizer when getting on/off bus.  • Student will only be on one bus route.

Food Service 

• Breakfast and lunch will be served. • Lunch will be served in the cafeteria in multiple shifts. • Students will be appropriately spaced at cafeteria tables. • No sharing of utensils, food, napkin holders, etc. • No use of self-serve items, salad bars, etc. • No student access to coolers. • Food Service staff will follow food prep guidelines. • Tables will be cleaned after each shift.

Recess/Physical Activity

 • Playground equipment will be sanitized with a bleach water solution after each use. • Classes will rotate recess time, so only one class will be in a designated playground area at a time. • Each set of balls, jump ropes, etc . will be sanitized before being used by another class/grade. • Recess materials will be cleaned after use. • Activities will promote distancing as much as possible.


• Class sizes will be kept small to maximize social distancing. • Desks will be spaced 6 ft apart, or as close to 6 ft as possible. • Students will not rotate between classrooms. • Students will not share supplies, computers, equipment, etc. • Students will not take items back and forth from school to home after the first day. Students will take home items at the end of the session. • Distancing will be practiced as much as possible. • Classrooms, desks, etc will be cleaned daily. • Frequent handwashing and sanitizing will be incorporated. • Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and common area.


• Restroom breaks will be one class at a time. • Proper handwashing will be emphasized. • Restrooms will be sanitized throughout the day.

Visitors and Parents

 • Visitors will be allowed into the elementary office. No visitors will be allowed past the office.

Student and Staff Health

 Please screen your children before sending them to school. Students and staff should not come to school if they have:

  • A fever of 100 or more 
  • Cough o Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing 
  • Chills
  •  Repeated shaking with chills
  •  Muscle pain
  •  Headache
  •  Sore throat
  •  New loss of taste or smell 

• Temperature checks and screening will be completed for students/staff as they enter their classrooms. Students and staff who exhibit symptoms of a communicable disease will be sent home. A separate space will be available to assess students or staff members who may be exhibiting symptoms of a communicable disease. Only essential staff will be allowed to enter the room and must wear a mask. Siblings and other household members of a student or staff who exhibit the above symptoms may also be excluded from school.


 • Refillable water bottles are required. • No water fountain use without a bottle. • Social distancing practiced at all times while moving throughout the building and waiting in line. • Classes will enter the building and go straight to their classrooms. • One person has been hired to solely do sanitation throughout the day on common surfaces and areas such as handrails, desks, tables, bathrooms, light switches, etc. • Any shared materials will be cleaned after each use. • In the event a person diagnosed with COVID-19 is determined to have been in the building and poses a risk to the community, school may consider closing for a few days for cleaning and disinfection. • Areas used by any sick person will be closed off and not used until they have been cleaned. • We will be communicating with the Osage County Health Department about any concerns or questions we have regarding public safety.