Dual Credit

Dual Credit Info:

This year we will be offering the following courses for dual credit:

From Truman State University:

(cost $105 per college hour; no required GPA)

College Algebra3 hours1 semesterS. Peterson
Trigonometry2 hours1 semesterS. Peterson

From State Technical College of MO:

(cost $96 per college hour plus book fee; 3.0 GPA & 18 English and 18 Reading ACT required/Accuplacer scores)

Advanced American History II3 hourssemester 1Hunt
Public Speaking3 hours semester 1Thompson
American Government3 hourssemester 2TBA
English Composition 13 hourssemester 1Thompson
English Composition 23 hours semester 2TBA

From East Central College of MO:

(cost $51 per hour plus book fee; 3.0 GPA & College Algebra required or Accuplacer requirements met)

Calculus I5 hoursall yearSharlet Peterson
Statistics3 hourssemester 2Sharlet Peterson

Online courses are also offered through East Central College.
(costs $51 per hour plus fees)

Please consult the college you are interested in to see if these courses are needed and will count for your major.