Online Resources
This interface is designed specifically for elementary school students according to their needs and search abilities. This interface is graphically rich and provides access to age-appropriate materials.
 logoFrom geography to mythology, this site offers a wide variety of topics and links so kids don't have to wade through a confusing Google search results page. It's possible to navigate away from the original links to other places on the web, so it's best used with some guidance.
Khan Academy Website Poster ImageStep-by-step videos and practice exercises make this a deserved staple in the academic website hall of fame. Every type of math is covered here in addition to computing, science, and history. Though it's best when kids already understand the concepts and just need help with the nitty-gritty, this resource gives kids access to independent, self-paced learning.
Science Reference CenterScience Reference Center™ is a comprehensive research database that provides easy access to a multitude of full-text science-oriented content.