We have a great opportunity on Wednesday, August 9th to share with people who work with youth and parents/caregivers of youth!  Osage County is excited to welcome Jermaine "Tall Cop" Galloway to share his message with us. Tall Cop is a national presenter.  To date, Jermaine has trained more than 300,000 people nationwide and internationally. He has also conducted more than 1000 community scans at a variety of local and national locations. . This training session will focus  on current drug trends, including: vapes, inhalants, marijuana, new products on the market, legal drugs, over the counter drugs, synthetics, stash clothing/compartments along with national and Missouri specific drug trends.Therefore, all local SRO’s, school safety and school staff members are strongly encouraged to attend the afternoon session.  The session in the evening will be targeted for parents and caregivers of youth.  Both sessions are free and we are excited to bring this to Osage County and the Mid-Missouri area.  

 To attend please scan the QR code on the flyer or use the following link.  We would like for all attendees to register in advance if possible.