Dena Smith

Dena Smith , 4 days ago

We have had to quarantine approximately 30 kids in the last two days at the high school. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I am asking for your help. I know that kids want to spend time together,
and COVID has been very hard for them. Unfortunately, what we have again seen in the last two days is that the contact kids are having with each other at get-togethers outside of school are leading to positive cases and more quarantines. We are asking for your help over this Thanksgiving holiday to stop the spread amongst our high school kids. Please limit the time they are with large groups of friends. We really do not want to have to go virtual or even hybrid between now and Christmas break, but that is possible if we continue to see this spread. Our concern is that kids will hang out together over the Thanksgiving holiday break and cases will be higher when we return next week than they are noW. Please help up stop that from happening. Thank you all!

I do sincerely hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! While it has been a challenging year, we also have many things to be thankful for.

Dena Smith

Tracy Kingsley

Tracy Kingsley , 4 days ago

Way to Go, Wildcats!! You are doing such great work at school being good citizens and hard workers!

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Eric Morfeld

Eric Morfeld , 4 days ago

You can watch the Kindergarten Pow-Wow now live or later from here:

Eric Morfeld

Eric Morfeld , 4 days ago

Mrs. Flatt's 1st grade class--Thanksgiving Performance 2020

Dena Smith

Dena Smith , 7 days ago

If you were unable to get the mask procedures link to open, please try this link:

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Mask procedures

Please follow the link below to review our new masking procedures for students in grades 7-12 beginning December 1.

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