Attendance Requirement

A+ participants are expected to attend school regularly, graduating with a minimum cumulative attendance rate of 95% (from grades 9-12).

Attendance is based upon all days when school is in regular session, days that are calculated for Average Daily Attendance. School-sponsored activities (field trips) do NOT count against a student's attendance. The office will keep the official record for each student. However, it is the responsibility of each A+ student to closely monitor his/her attendance.

The A+ attendace policy may provide exceptions in cases where the absence was beyond the control of the student via an appeals process. Attendance appeals should be directed to the A+ Appeals Committee when a student believes he/she has been declared ineligible unfairly. To appeal, the student or parent/guardian must notify the A+ Coordinator in writing of his/her intent to appeal within 10 days of receiving an ineligibility letter.

The Appeals Committee will then hear the appeal after receiving the ineligibility letter and will return its decision to the student in writing. The student may appeal the A+ Appeals Committee's decision to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. Further appeals may be made to the Board of Education.

Attendance appeals will not be granted for the following:

  1. Truancy
  2. Suspension
  3. Personal/Family Vacation
  4. Transportation