Citizenship Requirement

A+ students must be good citizens as determined by the proper school authorities.

  • The student must have no incident of drug or alcohol possession or use/abuse. Any violation (possession of drugs or alcohol, possession of paraphernalia, use, manufacture, sale or transportation) will result in the loss of eligibility from the program.
  • The student must adhere to a code of behavior that demonstrates respect for authority, faculty, school property, and his/her fellow students. The school's Student Handbook will serve as the definition of appropriate behavior.
  • Students who receive five or more days of ISS (In School Suspension), OSS (Out of School Suspension), or a combination of these in one school year will be disqualified from the program.
  • Students who are convicted of a felony will not qualify for the program.

Citizenship appeals may be directed to the A+ Appeals Committee when a student believes that he/she has been declared ineligible unfairly. To appeal, the student or parent/guardian must notify the A+ Coordinator in writing of his/her intent to appeal within ten days of receiving an ineligibility letter.

An A+ Appeals Committee shall hear the appeal after receiving a written request and will return its decision to the student/parent in writing. The student may appeal the A+ Appeals Committee's decision to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee.