Graduation Requirements Q&A

Graduation Requirements:

4 Lang. Arts (School Pub does NOT count toward this.)
3 Social Studies
3 Science
3 Math
1 Fine Art
1 Practical Art
1 PE
.5 Health
.5 Finance
7 Electives

24 Total Credits

Common Questions & Answers:

If I take Algebra I in 8th grade, does that count for a credit?

Yes, it counts as a high school credit if the student earns a C or better; however, it only gets a pass grade, so it does NOT effect GPA.

Do I need a foreign language for college?

It depends on which college you attend. Since most students don’t know where they will go, it is best to be prepared by taking two years of foreign language. Check with college admission departments to know for certain. Some programs and scholarship awards require foreign language.

Can school-to-work effect my class rank?

Yes, because although you earn credits, the grades are pass/fail, not letter grades. Therefore, others who are earning grades for their credits can possibly move ahead of you.

Will three Ag Classes count as a science credit?

Yes, but only certain "book" classes count. Shop classes do not. Check with the counselor.

What classes do you recommend for senior year?

Math and English for certain. All students need as much math and Englishas they can get to be successful in college or in the workforce.