School Wide

Positive Behavior Supports

Expectations for Linn Elementary

The students and staff at Linn Elementary will be
Safe, Respectful and Responsible.

BusCafeteriaClassroomHallwayPlaygroundRestroomSpecial Events
SafeRemain seated when bus is movingSit with both feet on the floor under the table

Face tray at all times

Stay seated until dismissed or given permission
Sit with all 4 legs of the chair on the floor

Use walking feet in the classroom

Keep objects out of your mouth
Sit or Stand Still

Eyes looking forward and paying attention
Use equipment correctly

Play in assigned areas

Gravel stays on the ground

Follow playground rules

Wait your turn

Use the stairs to get from upper to lower playground

Wash hands w/soap and water

Keep water in sink
Stay in assigned areas

RespectfulListen and follow directions

Talk quietly
Use quiet voices

Wait quietly and patiently

Use proper table manners


Raise your hand and wait for your turn to talk

Respect school property

Be kind to others
Walk quietly in a straight line on the right side of the hall
Use appropriate language

Follow adult directions

Play together/fair

Do the right thing/be kind to others

Respect privacy of others

Clean up after self

If a stall is open, use it
Treat others the way you want to be treated

“Give me 5”

Pay attention

Use manners

Display school pride

ResponsibleRemember to take all belongings off the bus

Pick up all trash/keep the bus clean.
Clean up after self

Only eat your own food

Remember lunch card or sack lunch

Enter and Exit in an orderly fashion

Turn assignments in on time

Use school supplies correctly

Keep area clean

Follow all directions first time

Come to class prepared

Make your way promptly to your destinationReturn equipment

Keep school grounds free of litter

Dress appropriately for the weather

Line up quickly and quietly when whistle blows

FlushTurn off water when we’re finished

Only use small amount of toilet paper & paper towels

Throw trash on in the trash can

Report Bathroom problems

Follow all directions