Tutoring Requirement


Each A+ student must perform fifty (50) hours of unpaid tutoring, supervised by a Linn R-II teacher. Students and their parents will sign a confidentiality form before the student will be allowed to tutor.

It is the student's responsibility to maintain and submit completed log sheets of the hours. (See Mentor/Tutor Log under Documents.) Students can also get these sheets from the A+ Coordinator. Students will not receive credit for unverified tutoring or for lost forms or those not turned in to the A+ Coordinator.

A+ students should consider it a privelege to get to tutor and must conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the Linn High School student handbook. Responsibilities of tutoring assignments include participation at agreed upon times and dates. Advance notification should be given when the A+ student will not be able to meet the tutoring obligation.

A+ students who feel there are problems with their tutoring assignment should report the issue to the A+ Coordinator.

Tutoring must be completed, with logs submitted, at least two weeks before the senior's last day of school, so the A+ Coordinator can verify and file all necessary paperwork.